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#ifdef __DEEPKS

#include "../module_base/intarray.h"
#include "../module_base/complexmatrix.h"
#include <torch/script.h>
#include "../src_pw/global.h"

// caoyu add 2021-03-29
class LCAO_Descriptor

// public functions

    explicit LCAO_Descriptor();

    void init(const int lm,
        const int nm,
        const int tot_inl);

    void build_S_descriptor(const bool &calc_deri);

    void deepks_pre_scf(const std::string& model_file);

    //S_alpha_mu * DM  * S_nu_beta
    void cal_projected_DM(const ModuleBase::matrix& dm);

    void cal_descriptor(void);

    void cal_dm_as_descriptor(const ModuleBase::matrix& dm); // mohan add 2021-08-04

    void cal_gedm(const ModuleBase::matrix& dm);    //need to load model in this step

    void build_v_delta_alpha(const bool& cal_deri);

    void build_v_delta_mu(const bool &cal_deri);

    void cal_v_delta(const ModuleBase::matrix& dm);

    void add_v_delta(void);

    void cal_f_delta_hf(const ModuleBase::matrix& dm);

    void cal_f_delta_pulay(const ModuleBase::matrix& dm);

    void cal_f_delta(const ModuleBase::matrix& dm);

    void print_descriptor(void);

    void print_H_V_delta(void);

    void print_F_delta(const std::string &fname);

    void save_npy_d(void);
    void save_npy_e(const double &ebase);
    void save_npy_f(const ModuleBase::matrix &fbase);

    void cal_e_delta_band(const std::vector<ModuleBase::matrix>& dm);
// public variables

    double E_delta = 0.0;
    double e_delta_band = 0.0;
    double* H_V_delta;
    ModuleBase::matrix  F_delta;

// private variables

    int lmaxd = 0;
    int nmaxd = 0;
    int inlmax = 0;

    // deep neural network module that provides corrected Hamiltonian term and
    // related derivatives.
    torch::jit::script::Module module;

    //density matrix: dm_gamma
    double* dm_double;
    // overlap between lcao and descriptor basis
    double** S_mu_alpha;    //[tot_Inl][GlobalV::NLOCAL][2l+1]  caoyu modified 2021-05-07

    //d(S) for f_delta: <\psi_mu|d\alpha^I_nlm> , [tot_Inl][GlobalV::NLOCAL][2l+1]
    double** DS_mu_alpha_x;
    double** DS_mu_alpha_y;
    double** DS_mu_alpha_z;

    double* DH_V_delta_x;
    double* DH_V_delta_y;
    double* DH_V_delta_z;

    // projected density matrix
    double** pdm;   //[tot_Inl][2l+1][2l+1] caoyu modified 2021-05-07
    std::vector<torch::Tensor> pdm_tensor;

    // descriptors
    double *d;
    std::vector<torch::Tensor> d_tensor;

    //gedm:dE/dD, [tot_Inl][2l+1][2l+1] (E: Hartree)
    std::vector<torch::Tensor> gedm_tensor;

    //gdmx: dD/dX       \sum_{mu,nu} 2*c_mu*c_nu * <dpsi_mu/dx|alpha_m><alpha_m'|psi_nu>
    double*** gdmx; //[natom][tot_Inl][2l+1][2l+1]
    double*** gdmy;
    double*** gdmz;

    double** gedm;  //[tot_Inl][2l+1][2l+1]

    int n_descriptor;

    // \sum_L{Nchi(L)*(2L+1)}
    int des_per_atom;

    ModuleBase::IntArray* alpha_index;
    ModuleBase::IntArray* inl_index;    //caoyu add 2021-05-07
    int* inl_l; //inl_l[inl_index] = l of descriptor with inl_index

// private functions

    void init_index(void);  // index of descriptor in all atoms

    void set_S_mu_alpha(
        const int &iw1_all,
        const int& inl,
        const int& im,
        const double& v);

    void print_projected_DM(
        std::ofstream &ofs,
        ModuleBase::ComplexMatrix &des,
        const int &it,
        const int &ia,
        const int &l,
        const int& n);

    void set_DS_mu_alpha(
        const int& iw1_all,
        const int& inl,
        const int& im,
        const double& vx,
        const double& vy,
        const double& vz);

    void init_gdmx(void);
    void load_model(const std::string& model_file);

    void cal_gdmx(const ModuleBase::matrix& dm);    //dD/dX
    void del_gdmx(void);

    void getdm_double(const ModuleBase::matrix& dm);

    void cal_descriptor_tensor(void);

namespace GlobalC
extern LCAO_Descriptor ld;